01 THE ONE: SLIDER, Dual Time Binary LED Fashion Watch (SD227R1)

$290.08 USD

An incredibly unique piece of wristwear that displays the time in spectacular fashion, firstly by incorporating binary format using vibrant & attention grabbing LED's, and secondly by the classic analog method. Tell time your own way by simply sliding the panel to reveal the dial of your choice. The slider features high grade stainless steel construction complimented by a custom designed genuine leather strap and is secured with a classic pin buckle. 

How to tell the time in binary format:
This intuitive method of telling the time is actually much easier to learn and use than it at first may seem. The left row consists of four LED's for hours - the value of each LED is printed beside it. The right row of LED's indicates the minutes. 

To tell the time you simply press the function button and add up the value of the illuminated LED's. So if the 4 and the 2 (4+2=6) are lit on the left column, and the 16, 4, and 2 (16+4+2=22) are lit on the right column it's 6:22.


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